WP Engine DNS Delays


Incident is resolved

CloudFlare, a popular DNS provider used by customers as well as WP Engine have reported DNS issues in multiple locations, you can find more information here https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/. DNS updates may take longer than normal and new install creation may be delayed due to these issues. We’ll provide further updates as they become available.

[Update 6:15AM CST] – A fix has been applied for this issue and we’re currently monitoring for it to fully clear.

[Update 6:45AM CST] – At this time this issue appears to be resolved.

[Update 11:25AM CST] – CloudFlare is reporting DNS issues and is currently investigating the delays in making DNS updates. New install creation may be delayed due to these issues. Additional updates will be provided here as they come.

[Update 1:30PM CST] CloudFlare has reported that DNS issues have been resolved. Should you experience any issues with new installation creation, please feel free to reach out to Support and we will be happy to assist.