WordPress 3.4 is out!


Hello Everyone,

The WordPress 3.4 update is available! It is a very cool update and it is certainly worth upgrading for! The WP Engine Team will be making announcements regarding our formal upgrade schedule for 3.4 but every WP Engine client can update to 3.4 today. If you want to review information on 3.4, I highly recommend reading the articles below:
WordPress.org information on WordPress 3.4
Ten Things You Need to Know About WordPress 3.4

New WordPress updates are very exciting, but before upgrading the WP Engine Support Team wants to remind you of the following:
1. Test your update. You can use the WP Engine Staging feature to test out your update to see if there is any conflict that you need to work on before upgrading your production site. Information on how to use the staging site can be found on the WP Engine Knowledge Base:  How to use staging

2. Before upgrading, please make a restore point. This allows you to backup your site, so if something happens you can roll back your site: Restore and Check Points

As always, if you have any additional questions or concerns, you can contact the WP Engine Support Team by submitting a ticket here: WP Engine Help Desk System

Happy Upgrading!