Support Chat Connection Issues


Incident is resolved

[Update: 5:53am CDT] We’re currently getting reports from our 3rd party support chat provider that their app is currently experiencing issues. At this time there may be delays getting into support chat due to connection issues. Thank you for your patience while we continue to track the resolution of this problem.

[Update: 6:12am CDT] While we’re still seeing notice of possible issues from our 3rd party support chat provider we are currently seeing connections hold up for the time being. We’ll update this post again once the status is updated from our 3rd party provider.

[Update: 7:00am CDT] While connection issues have subsided somewhat, we are still seeing periodic issues with our support chat system. We continue to monitor the progress of a resolution but will keep this status page open until that resolution is completed.

[Update: 8:15am CDT] Our 3rd party chat provider looks to be stable at this time, however we’re still waiting for a confirmation of resolution. We’ll provide further updates here as they come.

[Update 9:30am CDT] Thank you for your patience. At this time our 3rd party support chat provider has confirmed the issue has been resolved.