Some sites appear to be down


Numerous web servers are experiencing outages, which are causing issues with pulling up some WP Engine hosted websites from specific locations. Though we don’t have enough information to determine the root cause of this outage, we can confirm that it is not impacting our servers directly. The issue seems to be widespread and affecting different users to varying degrees.

You can test which regions are having issues connecting to your site, located right here: if you go to the “Free Internet Web Server Monitoring Tool”, located on the top-right, you should be able to input your site URL and check to see which web servers are having issues opening your site. There are other various resources that you can use to track the health of the web servers across the country. Here are some of them:

North America Internet Traffic Report
Host Tracker Monitoring Network

You can rest assured that the servers hosted on our side are up and running, and that this issue is not specific to your site or the WP Engine hosting environment.