Intermittent Connectivity for Customers in our Newark Datacenter


Our 3rd Party Datacenter provider has informed us that they are experiencing network connectivity issues which is causing Intermittent Connectivity to customers in our Newark Datacenter. Our Engineers are working with our 3rd Party Datacenter provider to mitigate the issue. We will provide an update when one is available.

Update 8:35am Central: New and existing user signups are also being affected by this issue. Our 3rd Party Datacenter is still working to resolve this issue on their end.

Resolved 9:10am Central: Our 3rd Party Datacenter has resolved this issue at this time, and they have confirmed that this was related to a DoS attack. We are seeing that signups and intermittent connectivity issues have gone away. Thank you for your patience with this matter. If you have continue to experience issues, please contact our support.