Pod Outage 12/3/2012 [resolved]


Incident is resolved


We are currently experiencing some downtime on a small portion of our customer’s sites. The outage is reported to be in excess of 30 minutes total so far. We are currently awaiting more information from our data center. As soon as we have more details, they will be posted here.

UPDATE: We had received notices of emergency maintenance on a few servers, however the servers are back up and running as of now.

Total downtime:
For 1288 – 1 hour, 7 minutes…
For the others in the list (1305, 1304, 1289, 1280, 1272) almost 30 minutes.

The explanation from our service provider Linode was that the host encountered a software issue that caused improper operation. The issue has been identified and resolved to prevent further downtime.

Thank you,