Migration to New Hardware


Over the next few months, we’re significantly upgrading our hardware. Soon, all our customers will be running on brand-new, state-of-the-art machines that are under a year old. Some already are, and will not require any migration, while others will be migrated to the new hardware.

Everything is getting upgraded — faster CPUs, more CPUs, more RAM, and faster networking equipment. That means more speed and capacity across the board.

In order to minimize the impact to any site that needs to be migrated, we will be performing the maintenance during standard maintenance windows of the country where the data center are located.

For example, if the data center is in London, the maintenance will happen during the night London time. During the maintenance window, we will be migrating sites off of the retiring pod onto a new pod.

Like with all standard maintenance and migrations, you will be notified, by email, at least seven days prior to your sites scheduled migration.

We are excited to begin this process to provide you with the best hardware we can!