Intermittent Issue Pushing Staging to Production



We are currently aware of, and actively working to resolve, an issue with Staging Environment. Currently, when a push from Staging to Production is made, the Site and Home URL’s are being overwritten to the default configuration. We would like to ask all of our customer to refrain from making this push until we are able to remedy this issue. If you have already come across this issue, the quick fix is to simply restore from the Backup Point that was created before the push was made.

We thank you for your continued patience, and will be updating this article as we gather more details and/or resolve the issue.

Update: We have been able to create a fix for this issue and will be rolling it out shortly. Once this roll out has completed, we will update this post as resolved.

Update: This issue has been completely resolved. If you continue to experience issues pushing from Staging to Production, then please contact our Support Engineers.