Intermittent Connectivity Issues in Two US Datacenters


Incident is resolved

At this time the incident is currently resolved.

For context, over the past six days starting Dec. 26th, one of our cloud infrastructure providers, Linode, has been the target of extremely large-scale and repeated Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks aimed at trying to bring down their network connectivity at the data center level. Linode’s systems and network engineering teams as well as their upstream providers are working to mitigate the the ongoing attacks and restore network connectivity. The latest updates on the attacks targeting Linode can be found here:

While these large-scale DDoS attacks can happen to any cloud infrastructure provider; during this period we will continue to be extra vigilant over our network and maintaining extremely close contact with Linode’s leadership & operational team to understand their continued progress on their mitigation efforts.

Update 1:55PM CST: Our 3rd Party Datacenter has confirmed that the connectivity appears to have returned to normal and no further issues are occurring with their recent mitigation attempts. They are continuing to monitor the network traffic to ensure that it remains stable, so we will keep this issue open until the matter is fully resolved.

Update 11:00AM CST: We are continuing to monitor the impact, and have seen a substantial increase in connectivity for our US Datacenters. Our 3rd Party Datacenter is still reporting that there may be intermittent connectivity issues while they continue to work with their upstream provider to resolve this issue. We will continue to provide further updates as we receive more information.

Update 7:50am Central: Our 3rd party Datacenter is working to mitigate the attack, but for the moment, we are still experiencing packetloss to many servers.

Incident – At this time we have reports of a large scale DDoS attack on two of our 3rd Party Datacenters in the United States, which is causing downtime for a subset of our customers. Our Datacenter provider is currently working to mitigate the attack. As more information becomes available we will update this post.