Intermittent Connectivity in a U.S. Datacenter


Update 1:10PM Central: We have confirmed 90 minutes of no impact to our servers and at this time will be resolving this issue. If we are alerted of any additional impact on this issue we will use this post to communicate.

Update 12:05PM Central: We received this update from our infrastructure provider: “We have received notice that our upstream provider is currently absorbing an extremely large DDoS attack. Because of the highly specific measures used to filter bad traffic, there may be further intermittent connectivity issues as the attackers adapt their methods to circumvent the filtering.” We are no longer observing packet loss to our servers so it appears the mitigation efforts are working. We will provide another update as soon as one is available.

Update 10:55AM Central: Our customers are seeing very little impact to this issue and we can confirm the majority of servers in this datacenter have been unimpacted at this time. Our infrastructure provider has identified the issue with an upstream provider and are currently working with them. We will provide another update as soon as one is available.


One of our infrastructure providers has made us aware of a network routing issue in one of their datacenters which is affected a small number of servers we manage. If you are experiencing connectivity issues with your site it is most likely affected. We will provide an update as soon as one is available.