Intermittent Connectivity from Europe (possibly other locations also)



Our 3rd Party Datacenter Provider has informed us that some paths from Europe into our Newark datacenter are currently experiencing packet loss. They are working with their upstream provider to resolve this issue.  We will provide an update when one is available.

Update 9:50AM Central: We now have reason to believe this is affecting more than just customers connecting from Europe, if you are seeing slowness or errors when connecting you are most likely affected.

Update 10:04AM Central: To clarify, this issue is affecting a subset of visitors to sites that are flowing through the impacted upstream provider, this is not affecting all visitors to sites as other are flowing through other, non-impacted upstream providers.

Update 10:13AM Central: Our 3rd party provider’s monitoring indicates that the packet loss has subsided. We are currently waiting for official word from them and their upstream provider to verify that the issue has been fully resolved.

Update 11:13AM Central: Our 3rd party provider still believes the issue has subsided, but wants to observe this for an extended period of time before the issue is called resolved. We will wait for them to mark this resolved as well.

Update 11:50AM Central: We have now received confirmation that this issue is resolved.