Intermittent Connectivity for Limited Amount of Customers



We have been alerted of intermittent connectivity to a limited amount of servers. Affected customers would see errors when loading their site. Our Technical Operations team is investigating the issue and we will provide an update when one is available.

Our 3rd Party Datacenter Provider has informed us that a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack occurred. They are mitigating the attack and we’ll provide an update shortly.

Update 12:25 AM Central  Our third party DataCenter Provider has confirmed a power outage, the power has been restored and we’re working to bring systems back up.  Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this matter promptly.

Update 12:59 AM Central We are seeing servers re-establish connectivity and sites come back online. Please check your site for connectivity. We will update again when it is all clear.  Thanks again for your patience.

Update 1:59 AM Central  Sites are still coming back online.  Please check for connectivity.  Next update will follow shortly.

Update 3:06 AM Central We are still working to restore several sites after the power failure.  Thank you for continued patience.

Update 4:57AM Central Our third party DC has advised that they have most of the sites restored.  Additional details to follow.

Update 7:03 AM Central Our third party DC is working to restore one internal pod to service.  We are repairing databases as necessary.

Update 9:00 AM Central Our third party DC has successfully restored each of their pods. We are still working to ensure that each database is properly restored.

Update 11:20 AM Central We have identified two pods that are still having database issues. We will be running a script on each of these pods to automate the recovery of these databases. To those who are still having issues because of this, your continued patience is greatly appreciated.

Update 1:20PM Central We are still working our hardest to ensure that all databases are restored and functioning. Your continued patience is greatly appreciated. To those pods that are affected, we will be reaching out to you individually via a support ticket.

Update 2:30 PM Central Our restore script is still running, but we are seeing databases being fixed and sites coming back up. We are very greatful for your continued patience.