GES Reporting Issue in the User Portal resolved, 09/24/2019 01:10PM CDT Global Edge Security

Notification history

09/24/2019 01:10PM CDT
We are resolving this status, as the issue has been identified and we have created a plan of action to address and improve the event processing for firewall events. In the meantime, you may see a “No Data Available” message, but GES protection remains fully functional. Once we have improved GES event reporting, blocked attack metrics will be available within User Portal.
09/23/2019 10:00PM CDT
Due to a high volume of blocked attacks, firewall events processing for reporting purposes is delayed and may even show "No Data Available" in the User Portal for some customers. GES remains fully functional. Reporting data will be available when processing catches up and we are actively working to accelerate processing performance.