Degraded Performance on Several Services resolved, 05/01/2019 04:40PM CDT Backups MySQL/PHPMyAdmin SFTP SSH Gateway

Notification history

05/01/2019 04:40PM CDT
Our engineers have confirmed that the issues with SSH Gateway have been resolved.
05/01/2019 12:30PM CDT
SSH Gateway repair is still underway. The other services have remained in a good state since our previous update. Our Engineers are still actively involved in bringing about full resolution.
05/01/2019 11:25AM CDT
We've confirmed with our engineering team that systems relating to SFTP, MySQL, and Backup/Restore are fully operational at this stage. We will update this page once SSH Gateway is fully repaired as well.
05/01/2019 10:45AM CDT
Progress is being made on a full resolution. We're working closely with our engineering team to get an understanding on ETA. We'll be sure to share that information as soon as we have it.
05/01/2019 10:15AM CDT
Our engineering teams are working to resolve several issues that could impact your server or a functionality of your site(s). Impacted services could include:

  • SSH Gateway
  • SFTP
  • MySQL
  • Backup/Restore

We'll update this status page with more information as it becomes available.