Emergency Security Maintenance


Here at WP Engine, our customers entrust us with the security of their WordPress sites, and with that trust comes great responsibility. It’s because of that responsibility that we are informing our customers today of actions we are taking to our platform.

A security vulnerability has been announced that impacts a large subset of our customers. We are in the process of patching our servers to a non-vulnerable version, this patch may require a reboot of the server which could cause less than 5 minutes of downtime for sites on the server. These reboots are unavoidable and customer security is our top priority, so any required reboots will be done as soon as possible.

For more information on the security vulnerability please see our Blog Post

We will be updating this post once we have finished the Emergency Security Maintenance.

Update 5:00 PM Central: We have completed 75% of the reboots necessary. We will update this post once we have completed the Emergency Security Maintenance.

Update 9:41 PM Central: We have completed 100% of the reboots necessary. All sites should now be operational, if you believe your site is experiencing an issue please contact our Support team through the User Portal


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