Emergency Security Maintenance 5/13


Update 6:50PM Central: After working with our Cloud Providers we have determined that our servers are not impacted by this vulnerability and there is no action needed, as such no servers have been rebooted and all sites have stayed online.


At WP Engine, we take the security of your sites very seriously, and we strive to keep you aware of any potential issues or vulnerabilities that could impact the sites you entrust to us. The security community has recently discovered a vulnerability in Cloud infrastructure, the infrastructure that a majority of the world is hosted on, that requires patching to a subset of our servers. Our teams will be conducting a security maintenance to apply these patches across our platform tonight. Servers will be patched during a maintenance window of 11pm to 5am local datacenter time. All impacted sites will receive an email with further information shortly.

The patching will require a restart of the server that will result in a few minutes of down time. Our Hot Standby customers will not experience any downtime as their redundant configuration operates as intended. We’re proud to keep your site safe and secure as your Managed WordPress Platform and hope you rest easy knowing we’re on top of it.