DNS Update: Adjusting your Computer’s Hosts File To Regain Site Access


Hi Folks,

Thanks for all your patience and understanding as we work with our DNS provider Zerigo to get the DDoS attacks they’re experiencing resolved and under control. WP Engine is taking every possible step to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

However, we know that some of you may need immediate access to the User Portal or to continue development on a site.

If you are willing to switch your DNS to use the IP address instead of the CNAME, you can bring your site back online as soon as DNS propagates.

The following are instructions to change the DNS settings to your site:

To adjust your computer’s Hosts file on PC:

  1. Open Notepad or your preferred text editor in Administrator Mode
  2. Go to the Open dialog and go to C:WindowsSystem32driversetc
  3. Once there, type “*.*” to show all hidden files in that folder, then open the “hosts” file
  4. Paste the provided entries at the bottom of the file, then save

To adjust your computer’s Hosts file on Mac:

  1. Open an Finder Window and go to Utilities > Terminal
  2. Open “/etc/hosts” in your favorite text editor (may require superuser privileges)
  3. Paste the provided entries at the bottom of the file, then save

DNS Entries support.wpengine.com my.wpengine.com newmy.wpengine.com phpmyadmin.wpengine.com git.wpengine.com

To use the new DNS entries, you may need to close your current browser. If you prefer to not close your browser at this time, opening a private browsing window should allow for the new DNS entries to be used as well.

We’ll continue to provide updates proactively until Zerigo has fully resolved the DDoS.

Thank you for sticking with us today.