DNS issues for wpengine.com domain


We’re experiencing some DNS issues for the wpengine.com domain. We’re communicating with our Registrar and our DNS host to work out where the issue is and resolve it.

Until the issue is resolved, we may be unable to send or receive email from the wpengine.com domain. However, we are still able to communicate through twitter, and we are able to receive tickets via our ticket system.

For any of our customers using a CNAME to {account}.wpengine.com, you should update your own DNS to use an A record if possible, pointing to the IP address. The correct IP Address for your site can be found by going into your WordPress dashboard, then to the WP Engine page, and look under the General Information section at the top. If you’re not familiar with how to do this, we can give you some guidance, but your DNS provider should also have details in the help section of their site on how to do this.

If you’re unable to find your IP address, please contact support via our ticket system and we will assist you.

We will update this when we have more information.