Degraded Performance at a European Datacenter


Incident is resolved

[Update 10:25 AM CDT] Thank you for your patience. At this time we have seen the performance issues clear. Please contact Support via your User Portal if you’re still experiencing any issues.

[Update 8:55 CDT] We’re still actively working with our 3rd party datacenter to find the root cause of this incident. We have engaged multiple layers of their Support and hope to have more information soon.

[Update 7:35 CDT] We continue to work with our 3rd party datacenter provider on a solution to the site slowness we’re seeing on servers in this datacenter. Once more information is available we’ll update this blog post with that information.

[Update 6:45AM CDT] We are currently tracking an issue with one of our 3rd party european datacenters where performance is degraded and resulting in slower site loading times. We are working with our 3rd party datacenter provider to narrow down the issue and resolve it. Once we have more information we’ll update this post further.