All Clear: database issues fixed – plugins blacklisted


Hello Everyone,

The issues from yesterday have been resolved. The database issues resolved around 1/19/2012 around 5:40 CST, but the team was being super careful and watching everything through the night.

So here’s what happened – we had an issue with the database server yesterday morning which resulted in site’s getting 503 errors, and/or being unable to make setting changes in the admin section of the WordPress site. The WP Engine Team investigated and found problems being caused by the resource usage of certain functions used by some plugins, and custom plugins. The result caused the 503 errors and then there was a database replication issue that occurred shortly after. To resolve the issue, we moved sites around to reallocate server resources, AND we have blacklisted additional plugins. We have a listing of all of the plugins that are on our current black list here:

Please check the list to keep up to date with what we have disallowed on our system. If any of you continue to find problems or have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the WP Engine Support Team.

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