504 Errors for Subset of Sites



We have become aware of an issue in which sites are producing 504 errors when browsing the site. Our Engineering team has identified an issue and is currently working on resolving this. We will update this post with more information as soon as it is available.

Update 10:10AM Central: We believe the issue resolves around sites going through a proxy, please double check your DNS is pointed to the correct IP if you are not using a service such as CloudFlare. If you are using CloudFlare, there is a possibility that turning it off and clearing your browser cache will resolve the issue. We continue to investigate and will provide an update as soon as one if available.

Update 10:17AM Central: We have now received word from our 3rd Party Provider that there are connectivity issues between multiple upstream networks which could be affecting the proxies we noticed prior. We are working with them to understand the issue, as we have continued to observe no direct issue on our servers. An update will be posted when one is available.

Update 10:21AM Central: We have now seen both our 3rd party provider and CloudFlare post issues about upstream providers, you can see more on CloudFlares Twitter Feed https://twitter.com/CloudFlareSys

Update 10:36AM Central: We have not received any reports of issues since the last update and both CloudFlare and our 3rd Party Provider have called the issue resolved. If you are seeing any issues at this time after clearing your browser cache please contact the WP Engine Support Team.